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Weight Loss With Love Is Here to Help You Break The Cycle!

Meet Gina

Advanced Certified Life & Weight Loss Coach

I’m a proud southern Cajun woman native to Louisiana!! I am an advanced certified life and weight coach and retired RN BSN. 

I understand many women's struggle with reaching and maintaining their ideal weight, especially with all of the delicious cuisines we have down here in South Louisiana! I’m here to tell you that there is a way to achieve your ideal weight AND enjoy the foods you love!  My passion is to show you how to reach your ideal weight without deprivation, restriction, and harsh diet rules.  You’ll learn to love the journey, and most importantly, love yourself all the way to success!

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Are You Ready To...

Stop Counting Calories, Macros or Points to Lose Weight

Enjoy Eating at Restaurants with Friends & Family Again

Stop Restricting or Depriving Yourself of Foods You Love

Love & Embrace Yourself WHILE Losing Weight

KNOW Without a Doubt That Your Value Is NOT Tied to a Number on a Scale

You can choose to create a life where you are cast as the leading lady!  Food and weight loss are only the backdrops for the stage of your life!

By working on your thoughts and patterns with Gina you get to create a new nutritional and wellness normal. Gina helps you envision and become your best self.

She is kind, understanding, and patient. The homework she gives you helps you create a roadmap for your success. I can’t recommend Gina highly enough! 

- Brandy

Coach Gina is amazing to work with. She was very good at helping me see my thoughts and what was driving me to overeat, or causing my thoughts to go into override. 

She gave me fantastic action steps that really helped me see how to move past my crappy thoughts and replace them with ones that would benefit me.  She is compassionate and empathetic. 

She cheered my wins and walked alongside me when I was frustrated and felt defeated. 

Most of all, you feel like you could open up and trust her with your most inner self. Because that is where the magic is!

- Robin

I signed up with Gina and it has been an amazing experience!

 I have never had a life coach before but what a difference it has made in my life.

Gina helps you work on any or all areas of your life. Anything that you want to work on. I highly recommend her!

I have just signed for my second round with Gina. If you’re interested in working with a phenomenal life coach, check out Gina’s information.

- Carol

Book A Complimentary Consultation

This short call will introduce you to Gina's uniquely compassionate coaching style and help you get to know each other better! Before Gina works with someone 1:1 she likes to get to know more about them personally and ensure she is the perfect fit for your coaching needs. 

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