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Weight Loss With Love

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

You have been on the diet roller coaster and are sick and tired of gaining and losing the same weight over and again.

You think, if only I...

would just exercise more

had more time

could finally find the perfect diet...

I could finally lose weight.

You feel like you’ve tried EVERYTHING and you just don’t have what it takes. Every time you try and fail, you feel shame, you blame yourself, you beat yourself up, and your self-esteem and self-worth are in the toilet!


All of this is affecting your relationship with yourself, and your loved ones. It's keeping you stuck, believing this is just your lot in life. You dream of all of the things you could do, places you could go, and clothes you could wear if you could just lose weight. 


You keep saying you want to lose weight but tell yourself things like

“I don’t have time”,

”it’s too hard”

“I don’t have support”


But, what’s really going on underneath is a huge fear of failure, feeling like you are incapable, you are broken, something is wrong with you, and are at the point where you feel like weight loss is impossible and nothing will work for you.


Image by Kumiko SHIMIZU

Weight loss with love is not selfish. 
It is a gift you give to yourself and your loved ones. 

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Weight Loss With Love

My Weight Loss with Love method entails 4 simple basics. 

We go all in on you! 

You will know without a shadow of a doubt that you are not broken and you can do this!!

We’ll learn to take your power back and get in the driver’s seat to steer you to the life you deserve. 

The diet industry does not have the answers. 

I have the secret recipe that the diet industry never had……Y.O.U.

What if you could...

  • Lose weight while learning to love yourself and the process.

  • Have food freedom and peace around all food.

  • Feel confident when eating at restaurants and gatherings without having to know exactly what is on the menu.

  • Know that your value and worth have nothing to do with a number on the scale.

  • Choose and plan the foods you love and lose weight without restriction or deprivation

  • Strengthen your relationship with yourself and your loved ones.

  • Exercise if you choose to in a way that feels loving, fun, and restorative. NEVER as a grueling punishment to lose weight.

  • AND, lose tons of mental weight along the way!

I get you!  

Heck, I was you until about 6 years ago.


I was using food and alcohol to deal with life because I believed the lie that I just couldn’t handle it.  

It was how I learned to cope.

I would wake up every morning with the best intentions and laid plans and by the afternoon, it was all out the window.  

I was exhausted, frustrated, and truly thought I was broken.  

I’d always be asking myself “what is wrong with me?” or “why do I keep doing this?”

I didn’t have the tools I have now and so of course, this led to a long struggle with being overweight and always searching for the solution, the holy grail.  


I’ve tried every diet known to women!  


Oh, I could lose some weight, but then “life” would happen and I’d find myself going back to what I knew that “comforted” me and of course gaining back the weight I had lost and the whole maddening cycle would continue. 

WIN_20210615_14_18_03_Pro (2).jpg

Six years ago I found the answer in life coaching.

I’m so thankful to my past self for never giving up on me! 


I hired a coach and my life and weight loss journey have never been the same

I lost 25 pounds using the same techniques and tools I will teach you. 

I have easily maintained it too which is the most exciting part!

Now, I have coached women who have 10 - 80 pounds to lose.  


I fell in love with coaching which led me to retire from my career as a registered nurse and become an advanced certified life and weight loss coach


I had a genuine desire and belief that I could help women more proactively before meeting up with them in the doctor’s office or hospital! 




Weight Loss & Life Coaching

You will receive…

  • Twelve weeks of personalized 1:1 Coaching

  • One 60-minute 1:1 call via Zoom each week

  • Custom weight loss plan and goal setting

  • Tailored teachings via video or audio as needed

  • Resources & recommendations: worksheets, visuals, journal prompts, or podcasts

  • Ongoing support via Voxer, Marco Polo, Messenger, or Email

  • Confidentiality! As a retired nurse, I treat my coaching clients with the same level of privacy as I did my patients!

The Investment:

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